CNG Diesel gas equipment for heavy trucks

Gaznet is the largest installer of gas equipment for trucks, tractors and similar cars in Estonia. The company sells, installs, and maintains different gas equipment for cars. The CNG diesel gas kit reduces fuel costs, helps save nature, and is easy to use.

Teemaksu vabastus

Various scientific studies show that it is possible to reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 50% and soot particles by up to 99%, since the gas helps to burn off the diesel to the end and reduces the number of soot particles.

We have done a blind test for oil producers. The purpose of the test was to assess the condition of the oil in a car equipped with a diesel gas device at the end of the oil change interval. The results showed that the quality of the oil is twice as good as that of diesel-only trucks.

Kütuse sääst 10-20%

With our solution, 35-50% of diesel fuel is replaced by gas, which ensures financial savings of up to 20% depending on fuel prices.

At today’s German fuel prices, the financial savings on fuel are up to 10%. This saves €2 to €3 on 100 km of fuel for an average semi-trailer truck. However, the main financial savings are achieved by the toll exemption, which is €1000-€2000 /month, depending on the distance travelled in Germany. 

Diiselgaasiseadme lahendus

Gaznet has been developing and installing diesel gas equipment since 2008. In 12 years, we have installed equipment on more than 350 different tractors, trucks, and buses.

Gaznet has a diesel gas solution for heavy trucks, which can save money both in terms of price per kilometre. With our solution, 35%-50% of diesel fuel is replaced by gas, which ensures financial savings of up to 20% depending on fuel prices.

Diesel gas technology accessories can safely for the engine replace up to 50% of diesel fuel with gas. The devices are installed in the car, without mechanically modifying the engine.

Replacing diesel fuel with gas, we have achieved for today very good results on Euro5 and Euro6 machines. We have replaced up to 50% of diesel with gas in various driving modes in the city, on the road, and in difficult working conditions.

CNG diiselgaasiseade maksmus

The cost of a CNG diesel gas unit with installation in EURO5 and EURO6 trucks is €7250 to €8500 + VAT.

Price includes:

  1. CNG Diesel Gas appliance
  2. 4x80L cylinders
  3. Filling holes on both sides of the truck
  4. Training for using the gas appliance
  5. Registration of a new technical passport in the ARK office.

The installation of the device itself takes only 2-3 days.

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What is LPG, CNG, LNG, CBG, LBG?

CNG is methane CH4 - content at least 97%, (Compressed Natural Gas) - or compressed gas, and the gas in the tank is at a pressure of 200 bar. 

LNG is also natural gas, but in liquefied form, and the gas in the tank maintains a low temperature of -162 °C. 

CBG is a biofuel and LBG is liquefied biogas produced from bio-waste. 

LPG, Liquefied Petrol Gas. Liquefied petroleum gas consists of two components: propane C3H8 and butane C4H10.

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How the diesel/CNG device affects the operation of the DPF filter
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Does fuel consumption increase when driving on gas and by how much?
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We are pleased to be investing in gas equipment and know that this is the future of transportation- Jevgeni, Jupiter plus OÜ





We sell, install, and maintain gas equipment for various vehicles, trucks, traktors and other transportation units

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